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José Luis Madrid

Here's a little more about me

Im a Graphic - Web designer, passionate in creating functional interfaces and looking after every single little detail to all I make, Icreate solutions for every single project I have on my hands. I have been working for different: companies, if you need any of my services, I'm available to start a project, so please tell me more about yours and drop me a line:

I Design Web & Layout Html5+CSS3

I believe in what a well designed interfase can make, that's why I design made to measure every single project, to give each company the projection they need.

I make Branding

I love Branding, Viva! I like to make you look nice and sharp, thats the idea if you are a company, you cant have a boring branding that nobody will remember, so I will take you to the next step, making your company look great.

I use CMS

I work with the CMS interfaces which gives me a lot of fastness in my productivity and the power of the backend for your company, so if you need a CMS, just let me know what are your project needings and I will get the best for yours.

I also make Emailing, Newsletter

I make Emailing and Newsletter campaigns with extremly eye on design and they will be ready to get conversions, Do have yours? Start now.

I give you Personal support

I give personal support for every project from the beggining, until the end, and always recommend and suggest you just the best ideas in functionality for your company: UI & UX advice, Branding & Marketing strategies, etc.

I develop Publicity & Mockups

Im specialised in creating Publicity Offline for your company like: Catalogs, Brochure, Ads, Big print formats, Mockups, Final art and any specific design you need.

I make web design for your company

When I think of web I think in responsive, so if your company thinks the same then we both need each other, lets focus in the new tech we can take advantage of and apply it to your project.

Mobiles devices, Big screen, laptops, ipads, etc, I can build for whatever your company needs, drop me a line and let me know what exactly what you would like to have and I will do the rest.

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